Competition in Lice Treatments?

The entrepreneurial spirit is a grand thing. It’s full of ideas and energy and risk. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, and some days we think more than once that we’re not cut our for it. I can feel myself yearn for someone to tell me what decisions to make. We crave polices already set up, a regular paycheck, and maybe a few sick days sprinkled on top for good measure. But in this arena it’s play hard or go home. There is little time for second guessing. You’re left scrambling to make a disgruntled customer happy and working with a Kleenex stuffed up your nose and toothpicks to hold your eyes open in your cold medicine induced stupor.

To be the best at what you do you have to know your customer, know the newest studies and technologies in your field, and never forget to keep a close eye on your competitors. Competition almost becomes its own entity entirely, not so much a single person or business but its own force.
Competition has proven to be a good player. It throws curve-balls well, and just to keep things interesting it has thrown a few balls at Ashli and me when we have been busy picking out which bat to use.

But competition is what makes the world go around ,right? Yes it is. Naively we assumed everyone played by the same set of rules. Ashli and I do, so wouldn’t everyone else? No. They don’t. Its just that simple.

It’s disappointing to watch other women entrepreneurs attack each other unfairly, and without provocation. We never believed for a second that those in the same industry, in the same town, would swap secrets, but we did expect to see respect. We cringe at women attacking others in the old cliche way of a ‘cat fight”. It’s actually painful to watch others bring all women down a few notches of respect in the business world, and add to the concept of us being unreasonable and foolish.

We, too, have been targeted. We chose to ignore it because responding only fuels the flame.

We are still so proud of ourselves. We have met numerous people in the lice treatment and removal industry who have proven to be invaluable and continually give us ideas and guidance. I view competition as healthy. It’s what drives us to do better, offer more, and push ourselves right to the breaking point. In the Olympics, would Micheal Phelps have won so many medals or broken so many records if he didn’t have seven other swimmers in the pool with him? No, because you never push yourself hard enough when no one is looking. Isn’t that why we go to the gym? Who wants to stroll on the treadmill in jeans, carefully trying not to look all fit and athletic in front of the hot guy on the bike?

Liceology TM is here to stay. We plan to prove our worth to the clients we serve and to ourselves. We have to show our children, particularly our daughters, how important it is to face your adversaries and fears. How can we stop now? We can’t. It’s all or nothing.

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2 Responses to Competition in Lice Treatments?

  1. Randhil says:

    Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for taikng the time.

  2. Honey says:

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after sveeral days struggling

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