Summer and Ashli Make a Career From Knowing How to Get Rid of Lice

Once upon a time there were two women raising six children and sharing laughs on the front porch. Then one day, one of these women discovered the joys of lice. And it was bad, oh was it ugly, all three girls had it, and so did mama. Now the other woman, being the good friend she was, promised to go over and help get rid of all the lice on all those little heads. She said to her, “Oh, no worries, I’ll be over later, and I’ll bring a Tecate’ with me, and we will get rid of those lice together”. Well, she had no intention of going over there and dealing with those little bugs. It should also be noted that this woman was not going over to a house that was obviously not kept clean and covered in lice. These women had known each other for years, and she knew with all good sense that her lice ridden friend kept her home clean, and never let her children leave the house without clean clothes, faces, and hair. Something snapped with the word ‘lice’, and all bets were off, and two logical women began to question their friendship and parenting. Eventually the woman got rid of the lice, all by herself, in isolation and embarrassment.

This is the story of Ashli and Summer. It was lucky for Summer that Ashli forgave her and gave her the chance to go on an amazing adventure of entrepreneurship. The above story is so similar to that of many of our clients, and we work everyday to try and get rid of the lice stigma. Lice makes people loose their minds and we don’t know if it’s the actual bugs, all the sleepless nights, or the inhalation of lice spray fumes, but whatever it is-we are determined to offer help.

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3 Responses to Summer and Ashli Make a Career From Knowing How to Get Rid of Lice

  1. Rumor says:

    Cool! That’s a cleevr way of looking at it!

  2. Kenisha says:

    And I was just woendirng about that too!

  3. immasonfous says:

    Certainly. And I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme.

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